Minkys EyesCream Moisturizing Barrier Cream

Minkys EyesCream Moisturizing Barrier Cream

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EyesCream Protectant

Hydrates and softens the delicate skin around the eyes.

Reduces appearance of fine lines, dark circles and puffiness. Moisturizing for tired and dry skin around the eyes.

Helpful for highly sensitive and reactive eyes, assists in blocking fumes from irritating the thin skin surrounding the eye area.

This product has been formulated in the USA! EyesCream Protectant has greatly reduced the reaction of dry, itchy and irritated skin surrounding the eye area during and after services.

INSTRUCTIONS: External use only, topical cream for the upper and lower eyelid. First: Cleanse the natural eyelashes with Minkys Pre- Extend and/or Primer to remove any residue. Second: Apply EyesCream with a clean non-lint applicator to clean, dry skin surrounding the eye before application. Avoid applying directly to eyelashes. EyesCream will protect the delicate area surrounding the eye for eyelash extensions, eyelash removal, lash lift or tinting services.

EyesCream Protectant can be sold to clients for home use, if used properly does not effect lash retention for eyelash extensions.