Keratin Lash Enhancer
Keratin Lash Enhancer

Keratin Lash Enhancer

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Minkys Keratin lash Enhancer is used after a Lash Lift or Brow lamination to hydrate the lashes and brows. The unique and lightweight texture of our serum provides lasting 24-hour hydration for softer, smoother, and visibly healthier-looking lashes and brows. Keratin Lash Enhancer is formulated with

Argan oil, proteins, keratin and vitamins to naturally nourish and strengthen hair. The non-greasy, lightweight moisturizer is easily absorbed and provides 24-hour hydration for super smooth, moisturized healthy-looking brows and lashes.

The nourishing serum enriches the natural lash with keratin helping natural lashes and brows become thicker, fuller and longer.

Using Keratin Lash Enhancer daily in your aftercare routine provides needed moisture and nutrients to promote natural growth so brows and lashes stay healthy and strong.